• Bharti Bhattad* & Dr. Sachin Patel


Test case prioritization, proficiency of programming, optimal testing strategy.


Programming testing means to guarantee the nature of programming under test. To improve the proficiency of programming testing, particularly testing, experiment prioritization is proposed to plan the execution request of experiments in programming testing. Among different experiment prioritization methods, the straightforward extra inclusion based strategy, which is an eager technique, accomplishes shockingly serious exact outcomes. To explore how much contrast there is between the request created by the extra strategy and the ideal request regarding inclusion, we direct an investigation on different experimental properties of ideal inclusion based experiment prioritization. To empower us to accomplish the ideal request in worthy time for our article programs, we plan ideal inclusion based experiment prioritization as a whole number of direct programming issues. At that point, we lead an observational investigation for contrasting the ideal procedure with the basic extra inclusion based procedure. From this experimental investigation, the ideal strategy can just marginally beat the extra inclusion based strategy with no factually huge distinction as far as inclusion, and the last essentially outflanks the previous as far as either shortcoming location or execution time. As the ideal procedure plans the execution request of experiments dependent on their auxiliary inclusion as opposed to identified flaws, we further actualize the perfect ideal experiment prioritization method, which plans the execution request of experiments based on their identified issues. Accepting this perfect skill as the upper bound of experiment prioritization, we direct another experimental investigation for looking at the ideal method and the straightforward extra testing strategy with this perfect skill. From this experimental investigation, both the ideal method and the extra strategy essentially beat the perfect skill regarding inclusion; however, the last fundamentally outflanks the previous two procedures as far as issue identification.



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Bharti Bhattad* & Dr. Sachin Patel. (2022). OPTIMAL STATISTICAL STRATEGY FOR TEST CASE PRIORITIZATION. Harbin Gongye Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 54(12), 99–104. Retrieved from http://hebgydxxb.periodicales.com/index.php/JHIT/article/view/1442